Kirk Strauser is a San Francisco bay area software engineer.

He has written magazine articles on filtering spam, the history of email, and the Python programming language, and has released a few open source programs.

Kirk takes a lot of pictures (with many ending up on his Facebook page), chats on Twitter, hacks on, answers questions on Stack Overflow, networks on LinkedIn, and hangs out on Slashdot for fun. He has a great resume (also available in HTML and in PDF).

He plays piano, is handy with tools, can fix random things in new ways, and has tried to learn to speak Spanish, French, German, and Russian with mixed results. He probably isn't qualified to participate in surgeries any more, but may still be a certified scuba diver. His family coat of arms is an unlucky stork.

He can be reached by email at and by phone at 402.640.6746. His PGP key ID is 294B7FF3.